Will my website be mobile-friendly and responsive?
Every website we design and manage is adjusted for mobile readiness. The website user interface and user experience must be applicable to all devices.
Why do I need a professional website?
In today’s day and age website design is the standard. A professional website should also be a problem solver. The key features for requesting a quote, career application forms, online payments, blogs writing about local and industry news, client reviews, proof of work completed.
These are just a few reasons why a professional website is necessary. However, to learn more book a presentation with our team to learn all the benefits of having a website built with us.
How long will it take to see results from my marketing campaigns?
Results will take place in 24 to 48 hours. We have over 15 services related to sales, marketing & design. Therefore each service has specific timelines. However, getting traffic, phone calls and warm leads is something we work on immediately for each client.
What is your approach to customer service and communication throughout the project?
Our team has a maniacal focus, while moving with expediency for every client. Oftentimes we move a lot faster than clients expect. Sometimes clients get a little frustrated with our speedy delivery. However, no one gets frustrated with the leads and sales they acquire from our hard work and effort.
What is the cost of your services and what is included in the pricing?
Our repeat monthly marketing plans on a low end range from $350 to $500 a month. While our enterprise level clients invest $1500 to $2500 a month in marketing.
How do you handle website hosting, security, and backups?
All of our website designs come with hosting, security and backup support free of charge.
We are proud GoDaddy resellers and strong supporters of C-panel hosting. GoDaddy is the 2nd largest marketing company in the world just under Google. While C-panel is the number one hosting company in the world.
How can website and marketing services help my small business grow?
Every small business should have a clean professional website no matter how small. This is a great way to separate yourself apart from the competition.of local startups.
This is also a great way to prove to your clients that you are vested in your industry and that you manager your money well. Asking a client to spend hundreds of dollars with you when you haven’t spend just a few hundred in your website + marketing eventually will be the one thing that cost you a sale.
Can you help me with content creation for my website and marketing materials?
We specialize in content creation in all marketing aspects. Website content, brand identity content, blog writing, recruitment marketing and job ads.

Frequently Asked Questions!

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