Jay's Channel


  • Gain confidence and adaptability in public speaking, client and team communication situations.
  • Use visuals that support your perspective & increase customer memory
  • Improve audience engagement and connection with your customers & clients
  • Excellent for webinars and quick online presentations
  • Work Space Email: Info@yourcompany.com Click Here.​

B2B Telemarketing Plans

Quick Sale System Set Up: Set Up Fees will Apply
  • Copper
  • 17 Hours
  • Bronze
  • 24 Hours
  • Silver
  • 37 Hours
  • Gold
  • 50 Hours
  • Platinum
  • 64 Hours
  • Diamond
  • 74 Hours

Telemarketing is highly valuable for long term relationships

Live Workspace

Mohamed Elbaz

The Pro Team build a landing page website for me. I'm on a budget and they put together a great 1 pager website and did all my social media.The owner explained that he could do this in 24 hours. I didn't think so but they did it. If your looking for a excellent Albuquerque Website Design company. Pro Marketing is it. I plan on using them for SEO projects soon.


Sales Workspace: Task Summary

Script Writing

☑ Functional Script Outline
☑ Gatekeeper Script
☑ Voicemail Script
☑ Call Back Script
☑ Objections & Replies 7 to 10
☑ Calendar Invite Template
☑ Email Outline Template

Management Work Space

☑ Daily Performance Write Ups
☑ Resource Guide/ Additional tips & Instructions
☑ Call Stats Report
☑ Email Clients
☑ Download Call Recordings
☑ Set Calendar Appointments
☑ Passwords (Emails / Dialing Systems etc)

Full Sales Management Systems Setup Time Investment 9 Hours $350.00

Small Size Businesses

John Michael

Lead Generation

Sales Force Setup

✓ Performance & Data Tracking
​✓ Script Writing
✓ Slide Deck Presentations
✓ Lead Generation Tools
✓ Virtual Phone Lines


✓ Service Awareness

✓ Commercial Accounts
✓ Re-seller Opportunities
✓ Trade relationships
✓ Strategic Partners

B2B Cold Calling

Medium Size Businesses

Call Recording

Pro Marketing World Team.  Did an excellent job with our lead generation services.  We purchased to services a 1 page website design.  And telemarketing to local businesses that we wanted target.  Now we a very busy with repeat clients and constantly sending out new proposals.

Pro Marketing World is an exceptional company. If you want to increase your company's revenue and be on top of your game, you want this company to market your services. They also have great telemarketers who can help sell your services

Independent Sales Professionals


Script Writing