The Truth about Website Design & DirectioN

Now is a perfect time in your business to strive and build your marketing, brand identity and lead generation. The implementation of these strategies will inevitably lead to having an improved website direction & streamlined website flow.

The internet is riddled with opportunities for website design & website management etc.  However appealing the website direction is, It’s simply a small aspect of lead generation and business development.  The fact of the matter is website designs don’t make sales.  People and impressions make sales.  So let me do a further explanation of what that actually means to you and your business.

Of course website direction is important.  Especially with the integration of client management technology.  Great website direction and integration includes e-commerce, calendar appointment setting, quote forms, career application forms etc. 

The upgrade options are limitless.  However, let's discuss the remaining aspects of sales that are important to closing deals and building long term repeat clientele.

Having a Complete Marketing Plan

Surprisingly, marketing plans are now easier than ever to complete and implement.  Over the years, I’ve noticed the structure of marketing plans become less grueling and analytical, while evolving to goal base task and time based implementation.  This just proves that the KISS method and implementation can be applied to anything.  Including technology & marketing strategies.

This is important information for people whose brain and mental strength levels don't lean towards the world of sales & marketing strategies.  A great comparison is bookkeeping and accounting.  As we all know it’s totally counterproductive to build your sales, to spend hours doing all of your own bookkeeping.  The same rules can apply to the implementation of your website design & marketing plans.

Key Fundamentals of Marketing

✔️ Marketing Plan (Blue Print/ Road Map)
✔️ Online Reviews (Facebook, Google)
✔️ Google Ranking w/ Blog Writing
✔️ Slide Deck - Sales Presentations
✔️ Ditigal Marketing - Reputation Management
✔️ Telemarketing (Commercial & B2B Accounts)
✔️ PR Public Relations
✔️ Brand Identity & Logo Design
✔️ Business Class Emails

The Final Perspective

Your future customers and clients always know when you don’t invest into your marketing.  Because it is a direct indication of your level of commitment and passion to your trade and profession.  Ranking from sales presentations, online presents. Right down to how well organized your email templates & email signatures are presented.  

It not only matters how many years of experience or referrals you have.  There will always be someone in your same profession that will take the extra mile just to take your client and eat you and your family's steak & potato dinner.

Overall, clients l are just not loyal.  Clients will walk for the most ridiculous reasons.  Some of the reasoning will be for their own self limiting beliefs about how far they can succeed.  Other reasons are prices and affordability.  Or they may just want a slight change in services just to try something different.  

However, you and I are  different.  We won't lose clients because of our own laziness.  So let us get relentless and focus on improving our website design, marketing and brand identity.

How long will it take to see results from my marketing campaigns?
Results will take place in 24 to 48 hours. We have over 15 services related to sales, marketing & design. Therefore each service has specific timelines. However, getting traffic, phone calls and warm leads is something we work on immediately
What do marketing services offer?
Most marketing agencies spend a great focus on the fundamentals categories of marketing. Brand identity marketing, SEO Ranking Marketing & public relations marketing.
What is the most profitable marketing service?
The most successful marketing strategies have always been. Google SEO ranking, Google adwords & social media ads.
How much should I pay for marketing services?
Marketing Services Average cost per month with a marketing agency
Social media marketing $800-$20,000;
Email marketing $350-$1500
PPC $350-$5000
SEO $500-$5000
What are the four types of digital marketing?
Well in all honesty there are several different types of marketing services that work really well. The most profitable and common types of marketing services are as listed below.
Content Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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