Digital Marketing Concepts

Digital Market Place Platforms

Home Advisor / Angies List / Builder Zoom 

These platforms are highly competitive with a higher sales cycle for higher ticket sale service.  Since roofing is very competitive off set your lead cost with lower ticket sale services.

Customers will spend far less time negotiating prices for lower ticket sale services So it would be financially feasible to pay the finder fees.

Digital Marketing Platform - Recommended Service Items

Category 2 Services - Gutter Installation, Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Inspection & Repair

Category 3 Services - Power washing, snow plow, window cleaning                       

Category 1 Services - BPI, Radon Testing

Google Guaranteed / Google Badge Ads  This type of Adwords means. Google has verified your background and backs your expertise

These local Services ads help you connect with people who search on Google for the services you offer. Your ads will show up for customers in your service area, and you only pay if a customer calls you directly through the ad.  LEARN MORE

Google Ad Words can also be used for immediate Targeting Seasonal & Inclement Weather.  These ads can be target to highly specific geographical territories, cities and zip code.

Ideal Google Ad Services / Storm & Weather Work Chasing

  • Insurance Restoration                                                                                                                                                 
  • Storm Damaged Houses        
  • Wind and Hail Storm Roof repair                                                                                                                                                 
  • Snow Plowing

Website Designs with Marketing Plans

Although this Marketing & Branding concept is geared towards General Construction.  The over all patterns, marketing principles should be applied to any industry website design, branding and marketing game plan.

Fully Integrated Website Design

Pro 360 Website Design provides excellent user interface, user experience & lead capture. 

App Integration: Online scheduling options, payment options, Google My Business badge, Facebook Badge, Home Advisor, Angies List, Builder Zoom

Accolades: Promoting all credentials, certifications and client 5 star reviews & testimonials.

Capture Pages - Landing Pages 

Social Listing is good for SEO and overall reputation management.  Having all the major social listings will improve your Google ranking in addition to solidifying your reputation when customers search for your services and/or search for your company name specifically.

Top Social Listing:  Google My Business, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Trip Advisor, Yellow Book, Yellow Pages

Industry Specific Social Listing: Home Advisor, Angles List, Builder Zoom, Thumbtack

Google Ranking

Google My Business:  Take full ownership of your Google business listing.  Google provides excellent and free marketing data.  Google Insight and rank tracking data. Learn More

Best features:  Product descriptions, service details, business update blog, reply to reviews, photo gallery, about us biography 

Google Analytics: 
Far more comprehensive data than Google My Business, Google Analytics offers extensive investigative tools for you to make real time business & marketing decisions.  Learn More

Meta Descriptions: Meta details are related to on page SEO, which really means preparing and coding your website for better Google search ranking. This will be beneficial in the many facets of Google Ranking & SEO SEM projects.  

Meta details are fields built into your website software where specific keyword terms, keyword groups, and keyword descriptions are input.  This step improves your website + article page ranking.  

Below are examples of Meta Details associated with specific articles 

Article Writings & Meta Details
Flat Top Roof Repair
Hail Storm Damage
 Emergency Roof Repair

Meta Details

Meta Tags: Flat top roof repair

Meta Data: Best Flat top roofing services

Meta Descriptions: Flat top roofing materials, flat top roof repair near me, best flat top roof repair, low cost flat top roof repair, cheap flat top roof repair.
Meta Tags: Hail & storm damaged roofing services

Meta Data: Storm damaged roofing companies

Meta Descriptions: Emergency hail damaged roofing, hail damage insurance roofing, Affordable hail damage roofing, licensed hail damage roofing companies.

Meta Tags: Hail & storm damaged roofing services

Meta Data: Storm damaged roofing companies

Meta Descriptions: Emergency hail damaged roofing, hail damage insurance roofing, Affordable hail damage roofing, licensed hail damage roofing companies

January 1, 2021

 By Pro Marketing World Business Resource Tools

Website Content Content is the name of the game. Content objective goals must be comprehensive, lean, and keyword rich, in addition to complying with website UI, UX processes and flow.  Merging popular terms and keywords related to your industry and services is a recruitment to your SEO-SEM plan.  Learn More

Article Writing & Blogs:
Only so much content can be compacted onto the main static pages of your website before it can become overwhelming and unnecessary.  However, when creating blog content the sky's the limit.  Relevant industry topics and concerns should constantly be written about and expounded upon in your monthly article blogs.  Learn More 

Brand Development

Uniformity is key. The same messaging, color, fonts, logos etc. are important across the board, including online and offline. In my experience, websites have always been the benchmark in how the entire face off the company should be represented.  However, in cases where the website is the last creation, branding uniformity can always have the same marketing accord.

Standard Company Marketing Materials: 

Brand Specific Marketing Materials: Hail and storm damage,  Commercial roofing expertise, Roof care insurance programs, hiring programs, employee benefit programs. 

Sales Sheets:  Standard sales sheet with company overview is a must.  In addition to sales sheets, other specific services that are highly profitable or services that require more explanation, such as warranties, policies, sub-service description & details.

  • Brochures:  Tri- Fold brochures, Rack Cards, Stock Cards
  • Stock Cards / Rack Cards
  • Pamphlet & Presentation Booklets
  • Business Cards: Category specific 1-3 cards, Standard Business cards for each office staff and member, Coupon cards, Appointment cards

Marketing Materials by Service Category
Category 1Category 2Category 3
Wall Insulation & BPI
Radon Testing
Gutter Installation
Gutter Cleaning 
Gutter Inspection & Repair
Power washing
Snow Plow
Window Cleaning

Website Site Mapping: In simplest terms, this is how a client would see your company & website services prior to clicking on to your actual website.  Site mapping includes a series of thumbnails that will explain to a client brief service descriptions without the usr doing a further search.

Search Engine Optimization - Indirect:  In many scenarios all online marketing projects and growth are associated with SEO Ranking: website content, website upgrades, social listing posts, and Google My Business management, the number of online reviews, etc.  All of these can directly and indirectly attribute to higher ranking on Google. LEARN MORE

Search Engine Optimization - Direct: Specific aspects of SEO ranking will be key to topic article writing, article titles and URL names, meta details, and keyword integration.  It also provides monthly or weekly submission/backlinking.  

Search Engine Optimization
Backlinks & Index Links
Article-Blog Re-Posting
Web 2.0 Submission
All social media
Article Submissions
Google My Business
Social Bookmarks

All social listing, (Yelp, Builder Zoom,

Angles List, Home Advisor etc)

Press Releases

Profile Listings

Google Ranking Techniques w/ SEO

Website - Merging & Embedding Apps
Bottom Navigation- Keyword terms
Keyword Research          
Site Mapping
Content & Article-Blog Writing
Continual Website Upgrades
Page Speed Insight & Speed Upgrades
Continual Google Listing Upgrades
Meta Data & Descriptions
Google + Social Listing 5 Star reviews
Online payment options
SEO Submission directed towards Google Listing

 Website Designs with Marketing Plans