What is Website Design UI UX, User Interface and User Interaction Experience

What are the five most essential skills in a UX designer?

To become a UX designer, you must have these five skills, create a fantastic design that draws people's attention, and convert them into customers.
Applied Skills for UX Designers

  • Research - A good UX designer must have the capability to hear the unheard requirements of a client. To understand your client's needs, you must do some research accordingly. 

  • Information Architecture - Information architecture is a process of managing necessary information in an organized manner so that your client may understand everything quickly. 

  • Wireframing - In simpler words, a wireframe is like a blueprint or schematic of a website. So, a good UX designer must know how to create a wireframe of a website's layout.  

  • Prototyping - After wireframing, the next process is to transfer your design layout into a tangible form called prototyping. 

  • Visual Communication - The essence of a professional UX designer is that he/she must be able to communicate with a user through his/her UX design. 

How are UI and UX different?

UX stands for User experience; in simpler words, UX interacts with users with your products and services.  On the other hand, UI stands for a User interface, includes designs, and visuals through which a user interacts with a website. So, UX is all about the user experience of products and services, while UI is all about interacting with a website through visuals.

What are UX and UI skills?
To stand out as a UX or UI designer, you must possess some shared skills:

  • You must know how to collaborate to craft a fantastic design. 

  • As we've mentioned above, you must hear the unheard requirements of a user and understand his/her perspective. 

  • You must possess some extraordinary communication skills to understand every single detail mentioned by the user. 

  • You must know how to communicate with a user through your creativity and visual designs. 

Why is UI and UX Design Beneficial for my Website and Business?

To increase your website visitors, sales count, it's essential to show what you provide in an organized manner with high-quality visuals.  If your website is appropriately designed, it may engage your visitors to stay on the website.  So, for the growth of your business and website, your product and website design must be up to the mark, and that's where you will need a professional UI and UX designer. 

Is Brand Recognition and UX & UI Co-Related?

Brand recognition and awareness are correlated with UI/UX design; to increase your brand awareness online, you must have a website that must be designed appropriately and draw people's attention towards your brand.  For example, you want to buy a product from a store, and you have two stores in front of you, one with great lighting and beautiful structure, and another one with no lights and no appealing colors. You will choose a shop with lighting and colors.  The same goes with a brand; if your brand representation is right, people will love to visit you.

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Feb 4th, 2021